Sopor slime pie really does make everything better.

In which I rant and you can ignore me: So I’m kind of a little depressed right now, and I’ve been crying on and off all day due to a series of unfortunate events, including finding a month-old, slug-like black banana at the bottom of my backpack and then having that same backpack split up the zipper when I’m walking home, dumping all of my books and the boxer shorts I brought on the ground. But the real whopper is the fact that I went to meet with my advisor so I could get her signature for the study abroad application I’ve been filling out. She said she had some bad news for me, and apparently they are discontinuing the London Student Teaching program. They visited Roehampton and didn’t like the way the place and the Early Childhood program was running anymore and were dissatisfied with the public school classrooms where we teach, so they’re dropping it. And furthermore, she told me that they generally didn’t want Early Childhood majors to go abroad for student teaching and strongly suggested completing your practicum here. Well, that certainly explains why the Study Abroad program director said that very few EC Ed students go abroad, whereas tons of Elementary Ed and all of the other education majors go do their student teaching abroad!

So yeah, I came home all upset, and now I’m drowning my woes in sopor slime pie. Gamzee must be on to something, because hey, it’s actually mellowing me out and making me feel better.

I don’t like lime jello or anything like that, so I concocted my own versions of sopor slime pie. For dinner (hahaha oh wow this isn’t even a meal but I don’t care because I have the poor college kid excuse to fall back on) I had these miniature pies. The crust is made out of bread that I flattened out to line a cupcake pan and baked at 375 for 10 minutes, and the sopor is applesauce with green food coloring added. And yes I made five of them. I really fucking love applesauce, okay?

And then for dessert, my full-sized slime pie is just a graham cracker crust and vanilla pudding with green food coloring in it.

They were both really delicious. And now my tummy is happy, so I can be happy. Or, uh, happier, at least. It’s going to take me a while to get over the news that fucking SED is ripping this once in a lifetime chance away from me. Bluh bluh huge bitches bluh.

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