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Homestuck Troll Vocab List!


For everyone’s needs. Because somehow there isn’t already one (that I know of) and that’s ridiculous.

Simply ridiculous.

This list is mainly focused on lower blood vocab as well, since in cases where high blood and low blood vocab differs, high blood vocab tends to be just straight English(ablution trap vs. bathtub).

If you see a word that you know that is missing, add it and a definition, if a solid definition is known. If it’s a more vague term that does not have a known canon meaning (for example: nook), then simply leave it as a term, and maybe give a context (Nook: Body part, perhaps sexual).

Also, please. Only canon vocab. Don’t add your own personal terms. Make sure what you add was actually in the comic, please.

Also, if you have a link to where it is used handy, by all means! Link to it so people can see it used in context.

So there you go! Circulate it, and when a good list gets going, I can post it to my livejournal so that there is a solid link that people can go to.

Because I know that I as a writer would love a list, and I imagine that others would too.

And go! Add what you don’t see on here! Add a category if you feel it’s needed! I just put up a few, but feel free to edit/etc. 

Troll anatomy:

  • Think pan: The brain
  • Bone bulge: A sexual organ of some sort
  • Nook: Likely to be a sexual organ, but could be otherwise
  • Chitinous windhole: Trachea/windpipe
  • Protein chute: Esophagus
  • Auricular sponge clots: Organ in the ear(?)
  • Autoerogenous shame globe: Likely a sexual organ

Troll homes:

  • Respiteblock: Private room
  • Hive: Home
  • Ablution trap: Bathtub
  • Recuperacoon: Troll equivalent to a bed; a container of a fluid called sopor slime, which helps with sleep.
  • Sopor Slime: Helps calm trolls to sleep; should not be consumed

Troll society:

  • Lusus/Lusi: Troll equivalent to guardians
  • Imperial Drones: Guys who come to get troll genetic material
  • Mother Grub: Mother of all trolls; combines all genetic material brought to her to create grubs
  • Grubs: Baby trolls


This is an excellent idea! I’d like to add a few more:

Troll anatomy:

  • Cartilage nub: nose? (No idea. Thoughts?)
  • Lobe stem: brain stem
  • Phlegm lobe: no clue, but Karkat does mention his throbbing phlegm lobe once
  • Seedflap: a sex organ of some sort
  • Collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system: heart (probably sea dweller-specific)

Troll homes:

  • Communal hive stem: apartment building
  • Lawnring: yard
  • Thermal hull: refrigerator
  • Husktop: laptop
  • Nutrition plateau: plate
  • Whirling device: fan
  • One wheel device: unicycle
  • Three wheel device: tricycle
  • Four wheel device: wheelchair

Troll society:

  • Wiggler: young troll kids (presumably when they possess limbs, as opposed to a grub) (Note: a troll’s birthday is called a wriggling day, but they are called wigglers, not wrigglers!)
  • Carpenter droids: robots that facilitate a hive’s building process
  • Threshecutioners: one of the Empress’s lethal brigades and, indeed, one of the most lethal members in society. Weapon: sickles.
  • Laughsassins: one of the Empress’s lethal brigades.
  • Cavalreapers: one of the Empress’s lethal brigades. Weapon: lances. The Summoner rose up through the ranks of the Cavalreapers, assuming command of the army, which would lead a rebellion. Tavros one day hopes to be recruited as a Cavalreaper and practices his jousting just in case.
  • Ruffiannihilators: one of the Empress’s lethal brigades. A STRONG and honorable class.
  • Archeradicators: one of the most noble echelons the imperial forces have to offer, according to Equius. Weapon: bows and arrows.
  • Subjugglators: exceptionally brutal enforcers of the hemospectrum in troll society to whom the Empress delegated oppression. One of the highest castes, as even bluebloods are beneath them. Gamzee is a descendant of one of the high subjugglators, the Grand Highblood.
  • Legislacerators: prosecuting attornies who conduct investigations and seek to bring evil-doers to justice, which is brought about by executing them by hanging. Redglare was a legislacerator who was hung by her own noose, intended for Mindfang.
  • Gamblignants: deadly marauders of ancient times with a passion for chance. They all died off because they took too many risks, however.


  • FLARP: Fatal Live-Action Roleplaying, or extreme roleplaying

S’all I can think of at the moment, but I might have more to add later!

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