do u ever get rly emotional about ur friends?? like in a totally platonic way u just wanna cry bc some of your friends are so great and u just appreciate them so hard

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Endless List of Mass Effect Favorites 18/?
EDI's Jokes [pt.1]
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Guess who fucked up and slept for eight hours in the middle of the day and got no work doneeeeee?


I’m feeling really shitty about myself rn, oops. But there’s nothing I can do to fix it. But you know what, one paper isn’t due until Wednesday and the other isn’t due until Thursday. So I have time.

If I try to force myself to do work tonight since it’s already fucking eight o’clock, I know I’m just gonna make myself even unhappier. So I’m just gonna. Put on some Netflix. Get cozy in bed. Maybe do some of my reading to prepare for the reference interviews I have to conduct (or maybe I’ll just do that in the car on the way home to CT tomorrow…). But if not, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I’m just gonna try to focus on feeling better.

And tonight I’m taking some Nyquil in the hopes that I can fall asleep and not be up for the entire night considering that I got a full night’s sleep in the middle of the day. Tomorrow I’m going home for the weekend to be with family and celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. But on Monday, I don’t have class until 6:30 PM, so I have time to work on papers then. Tuesday and Wednesday, I won’t get home from work until 5, but I’ll have both evenings to work on papers as well.

I can do this.

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but i am crawling back in bed because headache and nausea

i will do work later. i WILL do work later.

but i had such a shit night’s sleep i think i deserve to lay down just for an hour or two.

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Musical Challenge(4/9) Shows


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My drinking buddy called me down to the med bay, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she wanted to open up a bottle of brandy.

Dr. Chakwas: Shepard, remember our agreement? We’d open a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy every year, and it’s my turn to buy.
Shepard: But it hasn’t been a year yet.
Dr. Chakwas: Yes, well, something tells me we won’t have the chance a few months from now, so indulge my impatience.

Well, like hell is my Shep saying no to a drink. We all know how much she likes to drink, and the unfortunate consequences of that.

Shepard: You grab the glasses, I’ll open the bottle.

Several glasses later… “And Jeff says, “Jack, Jacqueline, Subject Zero… sorry, but it’s “Ma’am” to me. I’d like to keep my Admiral Winky.” Omfg.

Also… “I’ve learned my lesson this time… even a krogan couldn’t match you drink for drink.” And THAT, folks, is the fucking truth. Commander Shepard, ladies and gents.

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Dr. Chakwas: Ah, Shepard… you know, I just realized… you’ve never called me by my first name.
Shepard: Well, neither have you.
Dr. Chakwas: And I never will. You are Commander Shepard, hero of the Citadel, conqueror of the Collectors, savior of the galaxy! Using your first name just disrespects everyone you’re fighting for, alive or gone.
Shepard: That makes no sense.
Dr. Chakwas: Consider it a lady’s prerogative then. Come, let’s have a toast!
Shepard: To a woman I’m proud to call my friend! I’m lucky to have you with me… Karin.
Dr. Chakwas: And to you, dear friend. It is my great honor to share this journey with you… Commander Shepard. And good fortune to us all!

KShep just kind of throws her hands up in the air like REALLY. I DON’T EVEN HAVE A REAL FIRST NAME, IT’S LITERALLY JUST AN INITIAL, THAT’S ALL YOU HAD TO SAY. But she gets it, because after that she never calls Dr. Chakwas Karin again. It’s too weird for her. And it makes sense for everyone else to be too weirded out to call her K., since she’s always been Shepard, even back in the gangs on earth.

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If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?
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"The Great Hall. She’s looking for Rila!" Samara follows Rila by also flying down from the balcony with her biotic powers.

"We’ll meet you there." KShep and the gang just kind of watch as this unfolds because they can’t travel down that way. I’m sure Liara could if she put her mind to it, but Shepard and Garrus absolutely can’t.

"Fucking biotics," KShep says the minute Samara’s out of earshot.

"Shepard, did you forget that you’re biotic too?" Garrus asks.

"Fucking. Biotics," KShep repeats.

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